A small mistake

Every time you make an account transfer, you think you might make a mistake and write something different. Rewrite one number or forget to write one. Then the problem is solved. You would lose the remittance amount twice.
1. by sending it to someone else.
2. you have to send it again to the right person.
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Is that true? Is such a minor carelessness enough to cause such a result?Of course not. After all, people are fallible, and it can happen to anyone. If the mistake is realized too late, the payment can be reversed. However, this is only possible if the payment should have been sent at a later date. If you are unfortunate enough to have made a mistake with an existing account number, there is no need to panic. The bank is obligated to contact the wrong payee and return the money. All you need to do is fill out a refund request form for the money you received in error. You should get your money back in about three weeks.

It is a crime to keep someone else\’s money. You will need to go to the bank one more time and ask them to give you the identity details of the payee of the payment. 31]
The bank will give you the name, date of birth, and permanent address of the account holder. All without his/her consent, but you will have to pay a fee. The bank can do no more than that.
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But the law is on your side, so you need to take further action.
It is best to consult a lawyer who can tell you what action to take. Nowadays, everyone knows that it is a crime to hold on to money that does not belong to you. Therefore, the matter usually does not go to court and is resolved amicably by both parties. The situation is different if the bank made a mistake. In that case, the bank bears all responsibility and you lose nothing.