A relaxing holiday

Not all of us want a vacation by the sea or on the hot shores of a pond or at a crowded campsite. Many of us have reasons for not wanting to do so. This is especially true for those suffering from health problems related to exercise or nerves. One place to indulge in medical treatments is Durkov Spa. Its beneficial effects are not only available to the elderly, but also to those in post-traumatic or post-surgical conditions.
bolavé koleno
The Darkov Spa is located in the northeastern part of our country, in two areas of the city of Calvina.
Treatment here is based on the use of a natural healing resource, the so-called monobrom saline water. This is mineral water of Tertiary origin, used here in the form of baths, wraps, and inhalation.
For example, a one-week stay for an elderly person includes, in addition to the initial examination, bathing in this mineral water, peat compresses, oxygen therapy, gas injections, classical massage, exercises on the LTV machine, and carbonic acid baths. All of these will be performed under the supervision of professional staff. Prior to these activities, guests will be accommodated in comfortable rooms in stylish villas. After the activities associated with the recreational treatments, enjoy a full board meal included in the price of your stay.
You can sit on a bench or take a long walk in the large park that stretches along the Orshe River. The nearby castle of the Frishtat Empire is also worth a visit, with several sightseeing tours available.
As in any spa, there is no shortage of cultural activities.
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If you want to bring a little health back home, you can also buy a dirkoff. You can purchase Dakov\’s Monobrom salts and balms. These products can be purchased at the Spa House reception desk.
If you want to improve your health while on vacation, why not visit Dakov?