A Brief History of Netflix

Netflix has literally revolutionized the way people use television. It is the way people watch movies, TV shows, and other television programming. Previously, people were absorbed in the airtime of their favorite shows. They had to sit on the couch and manage the time and day of the week to watch a movie. They had to get a cable or satellite receiver. Today, such inconveniences have been eliminated. Customer demands in this regard are changing rapidly, and Netflix is responding flexibly to these demands. Netflix is even seen as the first major competitor to traditional television, forcing television companies to change the way they do business.

Streamovací služba

A major advantage of this new online service is the on-demand content. All you have to do is launch the application on your TV and choose from the menu. Another advantage of Netflix is the ability to create original shows and movies. Because it is an app, the company obtains data from its customers to better respond to demand. In other words, consumers can consume the content they prefer.
Netflix na počítači

A bit about the history of Netflix. The streaming service was founded on August 29, 1997 in Scotts Valley, California. The two most important people behind Netflix\’s success were software engineers Mark Randolph and Reed Hastings. At its inception, the company was little more than a web-based service designed to rent DVDs via the Internet; you rented a DVD, and it would be mailed to you. At the time, they were not trying to compete with traditional television, but rather with the video rental companies of the time.
Televizní divák

Today, Netflix competes with other services with the same focus, including HBO, Apple, and Hulu. And those familiar with Netflix\’s output know that Netflix is competing with honor. As the world\’s first streaming service, it even won a gold award at the 2018 Academy Awards.